Sep 22

It arrived on launch day care of Three and a man in a van.

iPhone 5 next to iPhone 5 boxJust as you would expect the packaging is just as functional and beautiful as ever.

The box is of course slightly longer than the iPhone 4 box as the device is 4 inches rather than the 3.5 of the older device.

Opening the cover reveals the phone in a cradle with the short user guide, SIM stick and below this layer the power adaptor with the new USB to iPhone 5 ‘lightning’ connector and ear phones in a little case rather than lying loose.

The lightning connector is tiny, much, much smaller than the old 30 pin connector. The connector is less than a quarter of the old one. The SIM card is also smaller, Apple has moved to the Micro SIM. The real estate reductions in the connector an SIM save considerable space in the device. These reductions enabled Apple designers to slash the weight of the phone and the depth of the device. It is no so thin to make the iPhone 4 look positively old fashioned.

The dimensions don’t mean a great deal until you pick up the phone. Apple claim depth of 7.6 mm and a weight of 112 grams. It just feels light and thin in the hand. With a metal case it fells super solid and strong.

When you turn it on it is quick, much quicker to load apps and webpages than the iPhone 4. The time to load the camera and take pictures is greatly reduced. In fact everything feels substantially faster.


iPhone 5 with boxiPhone 5 with plugs and connectors

The phone feels larger than the 4 but not much so. In the hand it still fits like aglove and has good balance and poise. The extra length lets Apple position one more line of icons on the screen and this gives the home screen a more powerful poise.

iPhone 5 with SIM tool and SIM cardiPhone 5 powering up with iSO6

Review of iOS 6 and mapping application to follow.


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