Sep 08

The iPhone 7 and Apple Watch Series 2 may have been the headline-makers at Apple’s latest event, but the company quietly updated its iPad lineup, too.

ipadsJust like its older brother the iPhone, Apple is bumping up the minimum storage option of the iPad to 32GB, however that 32GB iPad gets to keep the price of the 16GB model — good news for those in the market for an iPad.

The biggest price cuts come with the iPad Pro, especially as we get into the higher storage options. The smaller, 9.7-inch iPad Pro now comes at £549 for the 32GB model, £639 for the 128GB model, and £729 for the 256GB model. The larger, 12.9-inch iPad Pro starts at £729 for the 32GB model, £819 for a 128GB model and a £909 256GB model. All Wi-fi only prices. Add £120 for Cellular options.

Of course, the iPad Pro wasn’t the only device to get a price cut. The iPad Mini 2 also got a price reduction — along with a reduction in options. Now, you can only get the iPad Mini 2 with 32GB — £239for the Wi-Fi only model, or £359 for the model with cellular support.

Next up is the iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 4, which are also getting a few price cuts. The Wi-Fi-only models of those iPads are now available for £379 for the 32GB version or £469 for the 128GB version — however those are your only storage options.

Sure, these may not have been the updates that some were hoping for when it came to the iPad, but it’s nice to see that even Apple’s flagship tablet is getting a price decrease — and it’s good news for those who have been waiting to buy an iPad.

The newly priced iPads are available from the Apple website starting now.

Nov 10

Apple has confirmed that the iPad Pro will be available to order online on Wednesday 11 November. Prices start at £679, (32Gb with wi-fi) confirming that the UK pricing list we saw last week was correct. See our iPad Pro UK price section below for the numbers.

Tim Cook visited the Covent Garden Apple store and was interview by the Telegraph as he prepared to launch the iPad Pro.

Apple iPad Pro


“I think if you’re looking at a PC, why would you buy a PC anymore? No really, why would you buy one?”, asks Tim Cook, Apple’s chief executive, who has just flown into Britain for the launch of the iPad Pro. Cook, whose spotless tailored suit and red poppy belies the fact that he spent the night in a plane, is clearly in ebullient mood. Wall Street and the City are obsessed with the iPhone, the company’s dominant product, but Apple appears quietly confident that its new tablet and TV device are going to help power the company’s continuing growth.

“Yes, the iPad Pro is a replacement for a notebook or a desktop for many, many people. They will start using it and conclude they no longer need to use anything else, other than their phones,” Cook argues in his distinctly Southern accent (he was born in Alabama). He highlights two other markets for his 12.9 inch devices, which go on sale online on Wednesday. The first are creatives: “if you sketch then it’s don’t want to use a pad anymore,” Cook says.

The second is music and movie consumers: the sound system and speakers are so powerful that the iPad appears to pulsate in one’s hands when one plays a video.

Some consumers use the iPad mini to read in bed, he says, finding it more relaxing than using a phone and the busyness that goes with it. That won’t change, he believes. “But I think it clearly created some cannibalisation – which we knew would occur – but we don’t really spend any time worrying about that, because as long as we cannibalise [ourselves], it’s fine,” Cook laughs.

“We don’t want to put the watch through the FDA process, [but] I wouldn’t mind putting something adjacent to the watch through it” comments Tim Cook.

iPad Pro UK price

The iPad Pro will be available in just three storage configurations, confirming the pre-launch rumour that the 16GB option has been killed off. Your only options are 32GB or 128GB (if you want the Wi-Fi model) or 128GB (if you want it with cellular connectivity).

We now have official word from Apple on UK pricing for the iPad Pro. (including VAT)

  • iPad Pro Wi-Fi (32GB): £679
  • iPad Pro Wi-Fi (128GB): £799
  • iPad Pro Wi-Fi + cellular (128GB): £899

Available in Silver, Gold and Space Grey:

iPad Pro


12.9″ Retina Display

2732*20148 Pixels

A9X Apple Chip – 64 bit

M9 motion coprocessor

8MP iSign camera

10 Hour battery life

iPad Pro layout


Smart Keyboard – US Price $169 – UK Price £139.00

For many, a keyboard remains a convenient way to get work done or get thoughts down. The new Smart Keyboard completely reimagines this centuries-old invention to add even more flexibility to iPad Pro. With new technologies that free you from switches, plugs and even pairing, the Smart Keyboard is the perfect blend of full-size utility and outstanding portability.

Apple Pencil – US Price $99 – UK Price £79.00

Apple Pencil expands the power of iPad Pro and opens up new creative possibilities. It’s sensitive to pressure and tilt so you can easily vary line weight, create subtle shading, and produce a wide range of artistic effects — just like with a conventional pencil, but with pixel-perfect precision.


Oct 09

Looking to purchase a used iPhone or iPad but concerned it might be nicked?

Now you can check an iPhone or iPads activation Lock Status using iCloud.



The secondhand market for iPhones and iPads is hot, and unfortunately so are some the devices being sold on it. Just search ebay for iPhone and you will see over 2,500 iPhoine 5S currently available in the UK alone.

To try and protect people from buying devices that turn out to have been lost, stolen, or otherwise misappropriated, Apple has created a new Activation Lock Status checker on

Before you purchase an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch from somebody else, make sure Find My iPhone Activation Lock is turned off and the device is ready for you to use.

Activation Lock is a feature designed to make iPhones and iPads less appealing to thieves. It debuted in iOS 7 and prevents anyone from restoring or otherwise taking over an iPhone or iPad without first entering the Apple ID password of the owner. The theory is, if the device can’t be used, it becomes little more than a glass and metal paper weight, it’s value drops, and so people are less likely to steal them.

Of course, it can’t stop thieves who have unwittingly stolen Activation Lock protected iPhones and iPads from trying to pawn them off anyway. That’s where the Activation Lock Status checker comes in. Take the EMEI or serial number, enter it in, and will tell you its status.

You have been advised.


Mar 18

Been a busy day for Apple:

After the fourth-generation iPad reappeared on Apple’s online storefront earlier today, the company has issued a press release confirming the return of the device to the company’s product lineup. The iPad with Retina Display will replace the iPad 2 as the company’s entry-level full-sized tablet option.


“Now for $399 customers can get iPad with a stunning 9.7-inch Retina display, fast A6X chip, and 5MP iSight camera, offering a dramatic upgrade in power, performance and value compared to the iPad 2 it replaces,” said Philip Schiller, Apple’s senior vice president of Worldwide Marketing. “The iPad line sets the gold-standard in mobile computing and all iPads have access to the largest and best ecosystem of more than 500,000 iPad optimized apps from the App Store.”

The 16 GB WiFi-only iPad 4 is available for £329, while the WiFi + Cellular model starts at £429 in the U.K., with both black and white color options available. The iPad with Retina Display will be sold through the Apple Online Store, Apple’s retail stores and select Authorized Apple Resellers. Customers looking for additional storage capacity beyond 16 GB must purchase the iPad Air, which is available in 16, 32, 64 and 128 GB options.

In line with earlier rumors, Apple today also started selling a new 8 GB iPhone 5c in select countries. The new 8 GB model with five color options is available in Apple’s UK online store for £429 unlocked, making it £40 cheaper than the comparable 16 GB model.

Distribution of the new lower-capacity model is, however, rather limited, with Apple confirming to Fortune‘s Philip Elmer-DeWitt that the 8 GB model will only be available in the UK, France, Germany, Australia, and China.

Nov 12

iPad Mini Retina shipping

The latest iPad, the retina mini is now available from Apple stores. With the two retina display units, the original Mini and the iPad 2, or as we like to call it iPad classic, Apple now offer units from £249 to £739 depending on specifications, memory capacity and cellular options.

As Tim Cook mentioned it could be an iPad Christmas, actually he said holidays as the Politically correct Americans call Christmas the Holidays.

Talking of Christmas how are the current delivery times?

  • iPad Air: 5-7 days.
  • iPad2: in Stock 24 hours
  • iPad Mini Retina: 1GB and 32GB Wi-Fi in Stock. Larger Wi-Fi – and Cellular 5-7 days
  • iPAD mini: in stock 24 hours

Or in short old models in stock and new versions a week away.

All available from directly from Apple or from Taybridge Consulting:

iPad Airair iPad 22 iPad mini with Retina displaymini r iPad minimini

16GB £399

32GB £479

64GB £559

128GB £639

Wi-Fi + Cellular

16GB £499

32GB £579

64GB £659

128GB £739



16GB £329

Wi-Fi + 3G

16GB £429



16GB £319

32GB £399

64GB £479

128GB £559

Wi-Fi + Cellular

16GB £419

32GB £499

64GB £579

128GB £659



16GB £249

Wi-Fi + Cellular

16GB £349


240 mm (9.4 inches)
169.5 mm (6.6 inches)
7.5 mm (0.29 inches)
Weight (Wi-Fi):
469 g (1 pound)
Weight (Wi-Fi + Cellular):
478 g (1.05 pounds)
241.2 mm (9.5 inches)
185.7 mm (7.31 inches)
8.8 mm (0.34 inches)
Weight (Wi-Fi):
601 g (1.33 pounds)
Weight (Wi-Fi + Cellular):
613 g (1.35 pounds)
200 mm (7.87 inches)
134.7 mm (5.31 inches)
7.5 mm (0.29 inches)
Weight (Wi‑Fi):
331 g (0.73 pounds)
Weight (Wi-Fi + Cellular):
341 g (0.75 pounds)
200 mm (7.87 inches)
134.7 mm (5.3 inches)
7.2 mm (0.28 inches)
Weight (Wi‑Fi):
308 g (0.68 pounds)
Weight (Wi‑Fi + Cellular):
312 g (0.69 pounds)


Oct 26

As Apple events go this seemed rather dull

Partly this was the overall lack of surprise. We were expecting a new smaller iPad, check. A mini iPad with Retina, check. The release of OS X Mavericks, check but not the Free Upgrade, surprise. Details on the Mac Pro, again check. One more thing, not really. Slight boost to the Mac Book Pro specs but no big deal and no new product.

All these announcements were predicted and can be regarded as incremental. The only thing close to a surprise was the pricing of Mavericks and the bundling of apps on a new iPad or Mac purchase. This has to be seen as a tactical tool to reduce people’s dependence on Microsoft Office and increase the stickiness of Apple users.

The presenting executives with the new baggy shirt look, seemed a bit off.  Their energy levels were rather flat, as if Apple wasn’t particularly excited about these announcements either (with the notable exception of Craig Federighi, who the most polished presenter). Most of the jokes and digs at competitors were awkward. Nothing about the speeches seemed natural — at best, the presentation felt uptight. The lines were so tightly scripted that the presenters often stumbled off-script slightly, and rather than rolling with it naturally, they’d just jump back and awkwardly retry the line.

The product messaging was almost entirely just rehashing old talking points. We’ve seen the Dots video for months. We know Microsoft’s tablets suck badly. We know that effectively nobody browses the web on their cheap Android tablets full of stretched-out phone apps. We know the iPad is number one in customer satisfaction. We know that people are using iPads in all sorts of different ways. Look, firefighters are launching space shuttles with an iPad! Farmers are building wind turbines and composing songs! And Apple can’t wait to see what we do with our iPads.

But they already know. Everyone knows what people do with iPads, because iPads have been heavily used in public for over three years. It looks like most people use iPads for basic web tasks (email, browsing, Facebook), reading, and, importantly, casual gaming. Going into the holiday season, in which many millions of iOS devices are usually sold that will primarily be casual-gaming devices, Apple hardly even mentioned games. Is that because they don’t need to, since games are already a popular iPad use, or because they’re not in touch with one of the biggest reasons people buy iPads?

Suppose the event worked, and we’re all jazzed up to buy the new iPads. Well, too bad — you can’t even preorder either of them yet. The iPad Air will be released in store on November 1st, 10 days after the event with no ability to preorders. The produce most likely to be in higher demand — the Retina Mini — doesn’t even have a release date yet, except “later in November”. The black Mac Pro is even vaguer in terms or release date. Yes we have a spec and a price but we don’t know when we can purchase.

So we have an expected iPad refresh, a free upgrade to Mavericks, more access to iLife, iWork, and the incrementally updated Retina MacBook Pros. But I can’t help but feel like the event wasn’t up to Apple’s standards.

UK Products and pricing

iPad Mini with Retina. From £319 for 16GB – coming late November. Available in 16, 32, 64 and 128 GB versions.

iPad Retina Air. From £399 for 16GB – Available Nov 1st from Apple. Available in 16, 32, 64 and 128 GB versions.

Mac Pro. From £2,499 for Quad Core Intel Xeon. Coming in December

Mac Book Pro. With retina display. 13 inch starting at £1,099. 15 inch starting at £1,699

Oct 16

As expected. with 2 week notice, Apple sent out invitations to the waiting media for a press event on Oct 22nd.

The show will be in San Francisco at the Yerba Buena Centre at 10:00 AM local or 6:00 PM London time. As reported a week ago by All Things D and expected to showcase new toys for Christmas including new iPad mini, new iPad Retina, the release of new MAC Pro and the release of the next version of the Apple Operating System that leaves big cats behind and switches to towns in California with the first one being the fine city of Mavericks.

Apple oct_22_2013_invite

Oct 10

The highly respected site – AllThings D report that Apple is set to hold an event on Tuesday, Oct. 22, where it is expected to unveil a new, redesigned fifth-generation iPad, as well as a second-generation iPad mini.

possible new ipads

Source: UnboxTherapy via YouTube.

The date for the anticipated media event was leaked to AllThingsD yesterday, which cited unnamed sources. They also were the first to nail the recent iPhone launch date. In addition to new iPads, the event in two weeks is also expected to focus on the company’s revamped Mac Pro high-end desktop, and the forthcoming OS X Mavericks operating system update.

The next 9.7-inch iPad is widely expected to sport a redesigned chassis that will make it look more like a big iPad mini. Apple is expected to cut the weight and thickness of its full-size iPad, and give the device thinner side bezels.

possible new ipad cases

AppleInsider exclusively obtained schematics being used by case makers that claim to show off the new design of the next iPad. Those images align with leaked parts purportedly for the fifth-generation iPad that have surfaced throughout the year. As for the iPad mini, it’s anticipated to feature a high-resolution Retina display with its second-generation model. Both devices are rumored to sport high-quality 8-megapixel rear facing cameras, equal with the iPhone 5.

Still unknown is whether either of Apple’s new iPads will sport the Touch ID fingerprint sensor the company unveiled in the new iPhone 5s.

The new iPads will hit the market ahead of the holiday shopping season, and at a time when traditional notebook PCs continue to struggle. Competition in the tablet space has heated up, with Amazon’s new Kindle Fire HDX, Microsoft’s Surface 2, and Google’s Nexus 7. Microsoft already announced its Surface 2 lineup last month, with the new hardware set to go on sale Oct. 22, the same day as the expected Apple announcement. How much coverage will Surface 2 generate?

Oct. 22 is also the same day that Nokia is scheduled to hold an event in Dubai where it is expected to introduce its own tablet hardware.

All will be revealed in two weeks time.

Jul 17

A recent Gartner report says PC sales fell 10.9% in quarter two.

Worldwide PC shipments dropped to 76 million units in the second quarter of 2013, a 10.9 percent decrease from the same period last year, according to preliminary results by Gartner, Inc. This marks the fifth consecutive quarter of declining shipments, which is the longest duration of decline in the PC market’s history.

All regions showed a decline compared to a year ago. The fall in the Asia/Pacific PC market continued, showing five consecutive quarters of the shipment decline, while the EMEA PC market registered two consecutive quarters of double-digit decline.


That’s not good at all. However it is better that Q1 when sales fell 11.2%, so a slight improvement in the rate of fall.

Gartner says tablets are killing the PC market, not Windows 8: “We are seeing the PC market reduction directly tied to the shrinking installed base of PCs, as inexpensive tablets displace the low-end machines used primarily for consumption in mature and developed markets.” We think that Windows 8 has made a negative impact. Take a look at this graph from BI.


Since the release of Win 8 last year PC sales have tumbled. Dell is stuck with infighting about taking the company private.
This compares with Apple Ipad sales. In the last quarter Apple shipped 20 million units up over 65% year on year. This quarter includes the iPad mini which has helped Apple ramp volume production.
Even at a zero growth rate that equates to a yearly run rate of 80 million units, a number that surpasses the entire PC industry. Apple will give us an update at the next quarters release in a two weeks time.
This is without doubt the main reason the PC is tanking. Mobile users are just not buying laptops they are buying iPad and desktop users are replacing aging PC as they break and die with new machines. As PCs sold over the last say 5 years are still pretty decent and give a solid performance with Windows 7 they see no compelling need to move to Win 8. And why should they. There are very few, if any applications that demand Win 8, Windows 7 works fine and Windows 8 have caused confusion with end users who have clamored for their favorite Start Button.

The next big battle will be the use of Microsoft Office. Looking at the Apple app store it is clear that the Apple office products, Pages and Numbers are selling in huge numbers. Apple showed the next cloud release of these products at WWDC and we can expect full versions later this year. While we don’t yet know pricing we do know that once users start to play with Pages and Numbers their need for Microsoft Office reduces.

This is the thin end of the Office wedge that drives a substantial part of Microsoft profit and more importantly lock on the entire PC industry.

Microsoft are only too aware of this and the recent release of Office for iPhone is a token response and is a pretty shoddy product in any event. They are caught between the rock and the hard stuff. If Microsoft make Office for iPad they risk losing even more PC sales further reducing Windows and Windows Office sales. If they don’t release they drive more people to try Pages and Numbers. The current strategy of doing nothing while trying to drum up demand for the Microsoft Surface Tablet is possibly their best bet. Again Microsoft has confused the market with two distinct Tablet products, one with full Windows 8 and one without Windows 8, yet called Windows 8RT.

Interesting times to be a Microsoft partner.

Mar 19

All the way from Honolulu HI comes news of a triflex bi-pod, described as a universal, versatile and intuitive portable stand for all your tablets, laptops, e-readers and phones.

Polymer Ball and Socket Triflex System

It looks very neat – See image below


tribungaThe Tribunga’s  polymer ball and socket system joins to make triple flexible extensions which allows for the perfect obedience to hold various devices including the use of laptop computers.  It is very light weight and makes the perfect travel companion for hands free use where ever you go

Vacuum and micro suction combined

This is also a very unique suction cup because it uses the traditional vacuum and a state of the art micro-suction simultaneously.   This gives it superior hold strength while keeping the size of the suction cup down. The outer housing was ergonomically designed to fit perfectly in the palm of any hand comfortably. The detachable suction cup allows Tribunga to seamlessly turn into a handle and snap desk stand, combining several accessories into one compact, lightweight powerful stand.

To learn more see the Kickstarter page:

The project aims to raise $20,000 to fund production. At the time of writing 22 backers have pledged $879.

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