Jan 14

A new report from ComScore shows that Nokia still has a commanding share of the EU5 (France, Germany, Italy, Spain and UK) Smart Phone market.

During the 3 month average ending November 2011, nearly 30 million smartphone owners used Nokia devices, making it the top smartphone manufacturer in the EU5.  Nokia was the leading with a 29.7 percent of all smartphones in use, but  saw a decline of 17 percentage points in their market share over the last year.

Apple accounted for 20 percent of the smartphone device market share making it the second most popular model. Amongst the top 5, Samsung was the fastest growing smartphone handset manufacturer, increasing their market share by 9.5 percentage points to 17.5 percent in November 2011.

RIM is still struggling to remain relevant.

Judging by observations on the Tube and British Rail – iPhone continues to be the leader in London.

EU Smart Phone Market Share - Euro iPhone News

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