Sep 08

The iPhone 7 and Apple Watch Series 2 may have been the headline-makers at Apple’s latest event, but the company quietly updated its iPad lineup, too.

ipadsJust like its older brother the iPhone, Apple is bumping up the minimum storage option of the iPad to 32GB, however that 32GB iPad gets to keep the price of the 16GB model — good news for those in the market for an iPad.

The biggest price cuts come with the iPad Pro, especially as we get into the higher storage options. The smaller, 9.7-inch iPad Pro now comes at £549 for the 32GB model, £639 for the 128GB model, and £729 for the 256GB model. The larger, 12.9-inch iPad Pro starts at £729 for the 32GB model, £819 for a 128GB model and a £909 256GB model. All Wi-fi only prices. Add £120 for Cellular options.

Of course, the iPad Pro wasn’t the only device to get a price cut. The iPad Mini 2 also got a price reduction — along with a reduction in options. Now, you can only get the iPad Mini 2 with 32GB — £239for the Wi-Fi only model, or £359 for the model with cellular support.

Next up is the iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 4, which are also getting a few price cuts. The Wi-Fi-only models of those iPads are now available for £379 for the 32GB version or £469 for the 128GB version — however those are your only storage options.

Sure, these may not have been the updates that some were hoping for when it came to the iPad, but it’s nice to see that even Apple’s flagship tablet is getting a price decrease — and it’s good news for those who have been waiting to buy an iPad.

The newly priced iPads are available from the Apple website starting now.

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