Sep 11

And Steve Jobs takes center stage and delivers and new iPods, latest version of iTunes and iPhone 3.1 software.

Jobs started by saying he now has the liver of a 20 something guy who died in a car crash.

He then showed a bunch of new features – key points.

30M iPhones sold to date.

iTunes now the largest music retailer in the world

iPod huge market share

The announced new nano with video recording.

New nano

New nano

New shuffle colours.

New Shuffle

New touch pricing.

New touch

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Aug 21

The latest repoft from NPD shows the Apple music store flogs more tunes than the others and accounts for 25% of the US market. Were talking all music not just digital offering. Thats huge – used to be that Walmart was the music seller big gun but they must make do with a shady 14% market share.

Seems that a physics CD sales have cliffed and downloads have grown and that by late 2010 the graphs will cross.  Where are Amazon I hear you cry – cause they have good prices and nice iTunes integration, well they have to squeeze by with 8% share.

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