Sep 11

We visited the London flag ship store on Thursday lunch time to gage the interest level following the new iPod event. It was packed out. We were also surprised to see the new nanos on display and available for purchase as were the new shuffle and touches. Apple certainly have a sweet logistics facility. Announced in San Francisco at 7 PM GM,T available the following morning in volume.

iPods were stacked against the wall in a special location with a number of tellers selling them.


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Aug 13

The fine and trusted folks at Gertner have shown what we all knew – the iPhone is one big seller. They report that global cell phone sales grew YoY 6% in Q2 09 to 286m units and Smartphones accounted for 40m units. This sector is growing at 27% YoY. The global handset market is dominated by the big 5: Nokia 37%, Samsung 20%, LG 10% Motorola 6% and Sony/Ericsson 5%.

However in smartphones the story is way different: Units shifted.

Nokia 18,441 at 45%

RIM 7,679 at 19%

Apple 5,435 at 13%

HTC 2,471 at 6%

But what’s interesting is the change from 08.

Nokia down 2% from  47% to 45%

RIM up 2% from 17% to 19%

Apple up 10% from 3% to 13%

See more at MacDaily News

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