Mar 17

Our brand new iPad – the so called iPad 3 just arrived care of a man in a van.

New iPad boxThe box looks just the same. The content just as expected – you get a charger and a cable. iPad 3 case contents

The iPad itself is marginally thicker by a couple of mm. The outside edge is slightly different, but it would be hard to tell them apart. The only real difference is the new iPad has a slightly large lens on the reverse of the device.

New iPad screen

iPad comparison

New iPad reverseOnce you turn the little beauty on the difference in screen is huge. Not only is the device faster but the screen does look very impressive. It is supper sharp.

The image quality is hard to demonstrate with a simple photo. All these images were captured care of an iPhone 4.

In terms of use it is quicker at general surfing and general responsiveness, but not by much.

The iPad does include a speech to text converter. And it seems to work rather well, far better that we had expected. iPad speech buttonYou press the button and talk and then press it again and the screen shows what you have just said. It works in any application that uses the keyboard. So you can speak a website and display the results. See sort video. Some words work better than others.


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